‘Not by AI’ Badge Emerges to Combat AI-Generated Content Onslaught By Emman Omwanda February 18, 2024

In an age where artificial intelligence (AI) can churn out content with the push of a button, creators often find themselves grappling with the challenge of distinguishing their authentic human-made works from AI-generated pieces.

Addressing this concern head-on, a new initiative has emerged in the form of the “not by AI” badge.

Introducing the “not by AI” badge

The “not by AI” badge, launched by a company aiming to preserve the authenticity and value of human creativity, serves as a sleek marker denoting content that has been exclusively crafted by human hands and minds. Available in various versions tailored for writers, visual artists, and musicians, the badge is poised to revolutionize how consumers perceive and interact with digital content.

A solution to the AI content conundrum

The badge’s primary objective is to empower creators by providing them with a tool to differentiate their work from AI-generated content effectively. By prominently displaying the badge on their creations, individuals can assert their authorship and signal to audiences that their content embodies the essence of human creativity.

While the “not by AI” badge presents a promising solution to the proliferation of AI-generated content, its implementation is not without challenges. One notable concern revolves around the badge’s criteria for eligibility, particularly regarding the threshold for human-generated content. Websites and applications aspiring to display the badge must ensure that at least 90% of their content is created by humans.

However, this criterion raises questions about how audiences will perceive platforms that feature a minority of AI-generated content alongside the badge.

Ensuring badge authenticity and trust

Another critical aspect of the badge program is the need to uphold its integrity and prevent misuse. Despite its noble intentions, there remains the possibility of individuals falsely claiming the badge for AI-generated content or attempting to deceive audiences.

To mitigate this risk, stringent verification measures and transparency protocols must be established to maintain the badge’s credibility and foster trust among users.

Monetization model and business implications

While the “not by AI” badge offers a valuable service to creators seeking to safeguard their work’s authenticity, its monetization model has sparked discussions within the industry. Businesses interested in displaying the badge on their platforms are required to pay a monthly fee, prompting debates about accessibility and equity.

Critics argue that the monetization aspect may inadvertently create barriers for smaller creators and perpetuate disparities in the creative landscape.


Certifying that an article or media is real is (unfortunately) like claiming that “All sentences are false”.  It can ONLY be worthy when the article or media is real.  When it is not, what’s to believe?  –GBL

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