Gordon Rogers

H:209.838.1579 M:209.601.8038 Escalon, California 95320 gordonrogersaai@gmail.com

Optical Transceiver Hardware Senior Design Engineer

Gordon seeks information theory equations extending Shannon’s laws into artificial intelligence.

Theoretically and practically oriented architecture hardware design expert with a broad range of experience in optical interconnect, chip, wafer system design and manufacture, development, manufacturing process and organizational improvement, training and development, project management, quality management, throughout the product lifecycle of vision and command and control systems in rigorous and fast-paced regulatory and technically demanding aerospace, defense, scientific, medical device and telecommunications industry sectors. New patent in next generation optical interconnection issued June 4, 2019 optimizing earlier predicate patent. Prior Secret and Program Clearance

  • Over thirty years in optimizing critical trade-offs for advanced information systems’ optical interconnection design/cost/performance/power
  • Current neuromorphic optical network interconnection patent optimizes bandwidth, span, latency, skew, footprint, upgrade/maintain-ability
  • C++ firmware and test software build reviews and automated test system configurations, verifications and validations and supervised final testing of subsystems and end item hardware to assure conformance to engineering specifications and contract. C++ code reviews for advanced vision command and control systems in a rigorous regulatory environment with manufacturing and industrial engineering.
  • Python code development in coordinated multichip network with cloud based implementation


San Joaquin and Stanislaus School Districts (2019-Present) Substitute Teacher K-US Government, History, Economics, Mathematics, Computer Graphics, English, Biology

WORLD VIEW HOLDINGS, (2014-Present): California-based corporation specializing in project management and intellectual property work on optical interconnection for massively parallel high performance computing, 3D stereo video and VR systems.

Inventor, Design Engineer and General Coordinator

Collaboratively conceived, built and tested novel hardware and software, developed and performed verification and qualification protocols, recruited corporate officers and staff, patent and corporate counsel, developed promotional content, pitched and secured funding for patent filings, finalized patent filings, incorporated organization with Interim Chief Financial Officer. Information processing system using optically encoded signals

REG.U.S Patent 4,596,050 REG.U.S Patent 10,313,025 Information processing system using optically encoded signals (Same title

RAYTHEON VISION SYSTEMS, (RVS) GOLETA, CALIFORNIA (2000-2014): Major supplier of military, scientific and aerospace vision and guidance systems.

RAYTHEON VISION SYSTEMS’ Mission Assurance Quality and Multi-disciplined Engineer

Participated in Read-Out Integrated Circuit Upgrade for enhanced sensitivity in applicable wavelengths by capacitance adjustment of VIIRS Long wave hybrid. Participated in many other circuit and board design refinements and their qualifications, from concept through tape-out, foundry qualification, fab, firmware build and load, for many quick turn and multiyear efforts, including foundry corrective actions. Primary customer procurement liaison, functioning as the primary interface between domestic and foreign Raytheon commercial, scientific and government customers. Developed supplier controls, incoming inspection, and manufacturing inspection protocols as owner of customer satisfaction for deliverables of complex systems, devices, work instructions, and test procedures. ISO 9001/AS9100 auditing and customer audit liaison to remediate endpoints. Negotiated with customer representatives and implemented flow-down of specification refinements. Identified the need for, and enlisted the Director of Engineering on, and founded Raytheon “Environmentally Controlled Areas Team” of material scientists, instrumentation, facilities, manufacturing, environmental health and safety, information systems, audit and management personnel and managed certification of nearly ninety parameters for around 160 factories and devised associated tracking database with this sophisticated multi-disciplined group and led the creation of the ISO 14644-based specification and participated in the related standard development adopted by Raytheon Corporate. Performed complex data reductions from automated testing to identify and diagnose failure modes. Site Champion for numerical design for manufacture (Design for Six Sigma) using numerical methods. Member of Failure Review Board for test equipment impact on VIIRS Flight Hardware Review Board decisions. Tracked cost, schedule, and device performance. Performed mathematical yield impact analysis with manufacturing, industrial engineering and top management balancing cost and schedule with customer and internal specifications in a mixed product line. Balanced cost, process capability, and preventive actions in design, process equipment, operator, material resulting in excel-based dynamic modeling capability. Member of the Engineering Standards Board, Participated in daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly production reviews and meetings. Participated in Program Risk analysis and mitigation planning and execution for many programs. As a 6-Sigma Specialist: Designed Visual Plan Template for general process or product improvement, performed process capability studies for both in-house and supplier processes. Performed C++ firmware and test software build reviews, verifications and validations and supervised final testing of subsystems and end items to assure conformance to engineering specifications and contract, Federal Acquisition Requirements and regulatory compliance for advanced systems. Extensive experience with MIL-PRF-38353, MIL-PRF-19500, MIL-STD-750, MIL-STD-883, MIL-STD-1580, AS9100, ISO 9001, DFAR, ITAR and cyber security compliance. Extensive Audit Liaison experience including, but not limited to, MDA, THAAD, BMDO, EKV, SM3 (3 separate efforts), LEAP, Global Hawk, Predator, VIIRS, GOES, ASRAAM, AIM-9X, SADA, NLOS, JSOW, TWS, ENVG, JAVELIN, NASA, JPL, Sandia, US Army, Navy, Air Force, DCMA and DCAS teams, program offices, and development efforts as well as IBM Rational DOORS Requirements Management Systems.

RENCO ENCODERS, GOLETA, CA (1997-1999): Premier industrial motion control systems using optical emitters and detectors interconnected in custom packaging.

Quality Engineer

Designed and executed qualified material change cut-in planning. Developed programs and trained operators for automated testing of motion control components in tight mechanical and optical tolerance systems. Corporate Customer support and product compliance for both customers and suppliers for electronics including FPGAs, Lenses, circuit boards, physical alignment fixtures and component mechanical features as well as final assemblies mechanical, electrical and optical properties using designed complex experiments through variation of tolerances related to product performance and reliability in ‘intended–use’ and extreme temperature and vibration (HALT/HAAS) environments, mitigating product constraints through specification adjustments requiring negotiation and assembly methods as indicated by statistical analysis.

Researched, coordinated with design and manufacturing engineering and process engineers and trained operators under government regulatory and customer supervision. Improved many process changes to optimize yields and performance of components and end items.

PARALLAX ENGINEERING, SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA (1996–1997): Pioneer of commercial Stereo 3D Video Systems.


Invented, designed, procured or built, and tested all optics, electronics and mechanical systems for an early stereo imaging system prototype proof-of-concept. Collaborated with Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering, as well as top management to establish production facilities.

KARL STORTZ IMAGING, GOLETA, CALIFORNIA (1991 –1996): World-Class furnisher of surgical instruments, imaging systems and medical technology.

Senior Optics Inspector

Focal plane optical and electronic characterization and grading, as well as material qualification of all electronics, chassis hardware, cables dated materials and calibration for advanced medical and industrial camera systems, their burn-in and testing. Assured conformance to requirements of personnel and systems of devices for final inspection. Auditor liaison for UL and FDA under GMP. Supplier Audits for many different component types to support end item performance. Researched and coordinated many process changes to optimize yields and performance of components and end items with design, manufacturing and process engineering to train operators under government regulatory and customer supervision.


BA Mathematics, University of California at Berkeley, 1996

(Honors coursework EECS, optical interconnection in computer systems, algebras, physics optics)

  • Neural Networks under Morris Hirsh
  • Computational Numerical Analysis under Steve Smale
  • High-dimensional Metric spaces
  • Metric Differential Geometry
  • Organizational Communications certification, Raytheon Learning Institute (RLI)
  • Line Management Certification, University of California, Los Angeles
  • Raytheon Vision Systems Standards Group
  • ISO 9001 and AS9100 auditing- IRCA Certified, ISO 14644
  • Tested 99th percentile in multiple subjects of the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery
  • Tested 99.6th percentile on the American Chemical Society’s Nationally Standardized Inorganic Examination
  • International patent pending for simplified virtual reality capture system using optical, mechanical, display disciplines, as well as python coding for computed representations in a multi-chip R-F network system.
  • I was told that I could have a PhD in EECS or Mathematics for my work in Optical Interconnection in Information Systems while at UCB when I was 23, but was advised to pursue patents instead by a Business Professor who held JD, MBA, and Nuclear Engineering Bachelor’s degrees.

PATENT: INFORMATION PROCESSING SYSTEM USING OPTICALLY ENCODED SIGNALS (REG.U.S.PAT 10,313,025-June 4, 2019) “An information-processing system having spherical and parabolic reflectors, optical signal processors, and detectors comprising optically active surfaces. The spherical reflector has an internal light-reflecting surface and a spherical processor with internal and external optically active surfaces, with its center coincident with that of the spherical reflector. The optical signal processor’s internal and external surfaces include transmitters and detectors for transmitting and receiving a optically encoded signals along various distinct paths. A portion of the internal path coincides with a line that passes through the center of the sphere. Optical signals emitted from the external surface of the processing sphere and reflected by the internal surface of the external spherical reflector to neighboring regions of the processing sphere, enabling external relay of information around the sphere without congesting the internal cavity of the sphere. This makes possible multiple uses of the same optical frequency during a given time period.” This approach supports Open Control and Software Defined Architecture communications, supports columnar, capsular and occipitothalamic approaches and Deep Learning layered convolution calculational methods as well as various tract and nuclear definitions and allows for arbitrarily high internal clock speeds that scale with available optical Ethernet protocols and other optical communications’ bandwidths. Additionally, this is a neuromorphic architecture for which spatial analogs to the thalamus, corona radiata, cortex and corpus callosum are disclosed in the patent file. Further advantages of the approach include: speed of light interconnection, highest possible packing density, massively parallel processing with no more unstable and tedious precision fiber alignments or dense cable harnesses. It has scalable bandwidth, supports cache-coherency, is compact, rugged and inherently E-M shielded and is internet protocol compatible with standard physical interface for easy maintenance & hardware upgrades. It is a mirror-based line-of-sight system-wide wireless network that is performance/cost effective, and is perfect for AIs, brain modeling, robotic vision systems and motion control, hyperfast & strong personal computing and VR, surveillance cognition, IoT management, communications and video routing, serving and searching, server-farm analysis/control, smart UAVs and AVs (V2V/V2I), satellites, space probes, operations research analysis, Theater of Operations analysis: command and control, and decryption. Systems employing the approach are time and volume optimal for general engineering, physical system modeling, and isolated hard, firm, soft, human and wetware simulation, and it may support quantum computing because of its inherent exact synchronization within measurement uncertainty, as defined from predicate document of the same name: Please see https://www.google.com/patents/US4596050 Initial Registered Patent Awarded July 17, 1986. Current Patent Pending: Patent Filing for Allowed and Issue Fees paid for U.S. Pat. App. No. 15/110,814 [IWOV-Active.FID12041275]. “ INFORMATION PROCESSING SYSTEM USING OPTICALLY ENCODED SIGNALS” in the furtherance of my work documented in Registered U. S. Patent 10,313.025 of the same title, viewable at ) https://patft.uspto.gov/netacgi/nph-Parser?Sect1=PTO2&Sect2=HITOFF&p=1&u=%2Fnetahtml%2FPTO%2Fsearch-bool.html&r=1&f=G&l=50&co1=AND&d=PTXT&s1=10313025.PN.&OS=PN/10313025&RS=PN/10313025 . This work was partially developed at U.C. Berkeley during my undergraduate studies for the Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics under former Dean of EECS John Whinnery, Martin Graham EECS and Neurobiology, and David Culler DARPA Principal Researcher in Computer Science referred by Director of DARPA-CSTO. Stephen L. Squires. During this period I also interfaced with Director DARPA-MTO Director Andy Yang. Work inspired by internship in a German Hospital’s Neurological Department as an exchange student when I was twenty years old after studies in anatomy, physiology, and German language.


AIM-9XAir Intercept Missile
ASSRAMAdvanced Short Range Air to Air Missile
BABachelor of the Arts
BMDOBallistic Missile Defense Organization
DCASDefense Contract Administration Services
DCMADefense Contract Management Agency
EKVExo-Atmospheric Kill Vehicle
ENVGEnhanced Night Vision Goggles
FARFederal Acquisition Regulation Supplement
FDAFood And Drug Administration
FPGAField Programmable Gate Array
GMPGood Manufacturing Practices
GOESGeostationary Operational Environmental Satellite
HALT/HAASHighly Accelerated Life Test/Highly Accelerated Stress Screen
IBMInternational Business Machines
ISOInternational Standards Organization
ITARInternational Trade in Arms Regulations
JPLJet Propulsion Laboratory
JSOWJoint Standoff Weapon
LEAPLightweight Exo-Atmospheric Projectile
MDAMissile Defense Agency (Formerly BMDO)
MIL PRFMilitary Performance (specification)
MIL STDMilitary Standard (specification)
NASANational Aeronautics and Space Administration
NLOSNon-Line of Sight
SADAStandard Advanced Dewar Assembly
SM3Standard Missile 3
THAADTerminal High Altitude Area Defense (formerly Theater High Altitude Area Defense)
TWSThermal Weapon System
ULUnderwriters Laboratory
VIIRSVisible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite
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