Patent Licensing

World View 4Ds’ purpose is to be the premier designer, builder, distributor, servicer, and licensor of simplified and generalized internal connectivity in information systems while standardizing minimum infrastructure in optical signal routing. Attaining the goal of massively parallel optically integrated interconnection will achieve the fastest possible communications for anything from mundane applications to multiple server farms, real-time holographic projections, quantum computing, on-satellite weather, and AI/VR processing. This logic can lead to few other conclusions but this or related architectures.


Patent US10313025B2

Non-exclusive, experimental, six-month license, depending on terms, conditions, and negotiation: $750,000

Terms and Conditions Considerations Include:

1. Credible license funding
2. Prototype funding
3. Available optical and manufacturing facilities
4. Available programming and computing laboratory
5. Qualification test funding
6. Marketing capabilities and intent
7. Co-marketing and data sharing
8. Suitable National Security Clearance

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For more information: Optical Interconnection

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