Richard Bradford


Richard Bradford, physicist and numerical analyst, completed his master’s degree in physics at UC-Davis,  after receiving a departmental citation there for his bachelor’s degree in physics, as well as the Saxon-Patten Award for physics.

He was class valedictorian at ITT. As an associate scientist at Polystor Company’s Lithium Battery Research Department, he received two patents for pioneering battery separator polymer coating enhancements, and he reduced standard deviation of battery performance by designing and researching production methods.

Roger’s quote regarding meeting Rick: “I remember meeting Rick. In our first Chem 1A lab, members of the class were to introduce themselves, You know, Johnny wants to be a doctor, Sally wants to be a marine biologist… 
When it was Rick’s turn, He said and I still remember the first thing I ever heard Rick say: “I want to develop a gravitational laser”- I thought that we needed to speak further-

Thankfully now, in 2024, We’re still working on it peripherally- Quantum Gravity and Artificial Intelligence are not that easy…”

Source: Link to patent at US Patent Office

Publication number: 20020110732

Abstract: Provided are alternative fabrication methods and compositions for an electrochemical cell. The methods of the present invention are applicable to the manufacture of polymer-cased lithium-ion secondary battery cells. They are particularly, but not exclusively, applicable to manufacturing scale processes of fabricating polymer-cased lithium-ion secondary battery cells. Briefly, the present invention provides an electrochemical cell fabrication process wherein a binder is applied to a porous battery separator material. Binder solutions in accordance with the present invention, are formulated with a low boiling/high solubility (“good”) solvent and a higher boiling/no or low solubility (“bad”) solvent to dissolve the binder and coat it on the separator. When the separator is subsequently dried by evaporation of the solvents, a porous coating of binder is formed on the separator material.

Type: Application

Filed: December 20, 2000

Publication date: August 15, 2002

Applicant: PolyStor Corporation

Inventors: Fabrice Coustier, Richard Bradford

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