Analysis and Technical files of Richard Bradford (Chief Analyst) and Gordon Rogers


Rogers believes he had possible FLIGHT imaging hybrids aboard.



Optical Interconnection Architecture

Modeling for Advanced Computing

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3D OI Analysis Reverse

Analysis of OI Geometry

Analysis of Gordon’s OI Geometry

Calculation of Coordinates on Circle in OI

Comparison of OI Geometries

Silicon Neuron

Outline of Solutions of General Polynomials as Applied to Shapes Having a Focus

Solar Desalination Modeling

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Realistic Production of Resident Energy

Pressure Thermal Radiation in the Cavity and Lenses on the Dome

Production of Drops

Thermal Conduction Convection and Water Vapor Analysis in the Cell

Rectangular Cubic Cells

Counter Gradient Heat Exchanger Using Hot Air to Warm Sea Water

Suggestions for the Small Scale Water and Electricity Generation Design of Gordon and Ward Rogers for Businesses and Residences

Pressure for Flow of Sea Water through Counter Gradient Heat Exchanger

Thermodynamics of the Cell Designs with Insulation Salinity and Production Area

Direct Solar/Thermal Water Purification System

Quantum Entanglement and Cosmology

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Instantaneous Quantum Entanglement, Vacuum Processes, and Calculation of Cosmological Constant

The Vacuum-Permittivity, Permeability, and Speed of Light

Deriving the Cosmological Constant and Variable Hubble Expansion

Dark Energy

Dynamics of Positive and Negative Space

Stereo 3d Short of Zoo Lights

How I Did It




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