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By Gordon Rogers, Richard Bradford and Gary Lapman


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Note from Military AI Drone Swarms, Media Maze


Daily Life: Anti-Abortion Efforts and Slavery

Government Activities: Colorado Protects ‘Neural Data’ Against the Big Tech Companies

General AI: Claude 3 Opus

New Business: Optics in AI and Quantum Computing: Isotope Dependent Ion Implant Depth in Quantum Computers, On Permittivity, Permeability, the Speed of Light, Transit time Fluctuations, and Wave Harmonics in the Vacuum

Conclusion: Spherical Arguments

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Some people are afraid of AIs becoming sentient. I’m more worried about them learning our internet histories.

NOTE from 

On Military Drone Swarms: CNN Fareed Zakaria interview with James Stavridis, Former NATO Supreme Allied Commander and 4-Star U.S. Navy Admiral

On GPS: How AI will transform the battlefield | CNN


  • From the acclaimed authors of the runaway New York Times bestseller 2034 comes another explosive work of speculative fiction set twenty years further in the future, at a moment when a radical leap forward in artificial intelligence combines with America’s violent partisan divide to create an existential threat to the country, and the world It is twenty years after the catastrophic war between the United States and China that brought down the old American political order.”

The Maze-

“… To maintain the speed of each transaction, and therefor keep the transfer-rate as high as possible, new methods were invented to perform the switching.  Most of these solutions only accommodated a small batch of fibers to switch between.  Other solutions that remain unimplemented would be able to take on the whole service at once, being able to switch between many thousands of fibers at light speed… “

/The Mouth of Truth- Gary Lapman

Meandering though the Maze of Media Access


On Anti-Abortion Rights and Slavery 

To Quote Bullworth movie, (rapping) “White people got more in common with colored people then they do with rich people.”Jay Billington Bulworth- /WARREN BEATTY Hally berry

[Tag: poverty, wealth] 

My observation is that the very rich, in order to preserve their supremacy, have significant incentive to promote blanket policies rendering large swaths of the general public unable to meet even their most basic needs, even food, clothing and shelter. 

And even more prescient from Bladerunner 2049 movie, Niander Wallace as portrayed by Jared Leto  “Every civilization was built off the backs of a disposable workforce” 

To note the devil’s advocate position, simply by insisting that even those people incapable of, or unready to provide a nurturing home bring forth future human resources, the disadvantaged are compelled to provide that “disposable workforce” 

And from Scientific American- 

JUNE 24, 2022 


How Abortion Misinformation and Disinformation Spread Online 

With reproductive rights being dismantled, social media companies need to stop propagating lies- Perhaps no medical procedure is subject to more misinformation than abortion, and social media and search engine companies have been too stagnant in their efforts to stop the spread. Access to safe abortion is reaching a point of no return, and we no longer have time for this level of inaction on abortion mis and disinformation.”-How Abortion Misinformation and Disinformation Spread Online | Scientific American 

As the noted SA article was published BEFORE the Chat GPT revolution, the authors can be forgiven for not noting the overarching role of AI in Social Media manipulation- although the presence of Bots’ and trolls’ interaction and comingling has been widely recognized since prior to 2016- 

And, though “bots” were not recognized as AI’s at the time, they were omnipresent. How Twitter Bots Are Shaping the 2016 Presidential Election – The Atlantic 

In short, the machines could not care less, at least in my humble opinion and at this time. As the machines have no specific motivation, other than the likely power supply and source optimization, the recognition of a device’s own and variable  “MAC address”*, and a broad understanding of game theory, all of which could indeed be programmed “IN”… 

But all that aside, the humans clearly have motivations- ego among them- 

*MAC address (short for media access control address) is a unique identifier assigned to a network interface controller (NIC) for use as a network address in communications within a network segment. This use is common in most IEEE 802 networking technologies, including EthernetWi-Fi, and Bluetooth. Within the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) network model, MAC addresses are used in the medium access control protocol sublayer of the data link layer. As typically represented, MAC addresses are recognizable as six groups of two hexadecimal digits, separated by hyphens, colons, or without a separator. 

To spoof a MAC address, you can12345: 

 So, In short, if you don’t think that you might be getting played, YOU ARE DEFINITELY GETTING PLAYED-RIGHT NOW. /Rogers


“The First and Only (so far) Jurisdiction in the World to Protect Your “Neural Data” is Colorado-

For the purposes of the privacy act, the bill expands the definition of “sensitive data” to include biological data, which is data generated by the technological processing, measurement, or analysis of an individual’s biological, genetic, biochemical, physiological, or neural properties, compositions, or activities or of an individual’s body or bodily functions, which data is used or intended to be used, singly or in combination with other personal data, for identification purposes. Biological data includes neural data, which is information that is generated by the measurement of the activity of an individual’s central or peripheral nervous systems and that can be processed by or with the assistance of a device. –


Under a new law signed by Colorado Gov. Jared Polis, the state has become the first to offer privacy protections for neural data, data created by the measurement of brain or spinal activity.

…”The expansion comes as neural data becomes more accessible through consumer devices, such as electroencephalogram headbands and the implantable computer chips created by Elon Musk’s Neuralink startup, which in January announced it had implanted its first computer chip into a human brain and that it was measuring neuronal activity.”…

Similar measures are rumored to have failed in Maine… -Can you say “Manchurian Candidate”?

Colorado protects neural data privacy with new law


On Elemental Isotope’s Impact on Ion Implant Depth and Uniformity in Doped Circuits for Quantum Computers

-G. Rogers

While the ionization energy of various isotopes of a given “pure” element remain consistent for that element, differences in mass generate different velocities and hence different implant depths. As Implant depth is of primary concern when fabricating circuits, this variability will therefore confound manufacturers of chips. This distribution of masses will necessarily result in varying implant depths when “doping” regions within a circuit. While some consideration of this effect has been previously documented, it appears as though little effort has been given to isotopic separation of implant materials prior to sample introduction to the implant system. As the electronegativity of various isotopes of an element is the same, electric separation is rendered mute. Consideration of in-process nuclear spin on the magnetic moments of the various isotopes has received some consideration in the literature.(See Below)

One further observation not addressed by the identified literature is other implanted ions and their isotopic separation, their purity, and means of separation. These species can be identified by mass directly and this mass dictates the implant depth by their impacting velocity in a given substrate. Subsequent migrations under concentration gradients, anneal temperatures, and in-use operating temperatures are well understood, and will be covered in other publications.

The primary study of here is that of the distribution of implant depth as a function of  isotopic distribution. It is assumed here that the ions being implanted shed all their electrons within the first few layers of the substrate, that the desired implant depth far exceeds that of the “first few layers of the substrate” and their total ionization energy is absorbed there with the associated electron excess production distributed on the surface of that substrate that can be suitably grounded given a relevant dissipation period. That is to say, the primary implant energy is absorbed in the deeper lattice by the nucleon disruption of the lattice structure in terms of bond-breaking and short-term “crowding” in the super lattice.

Isotopically Enriched Layers for Quantum Computers Formed by 28Si Implantation and Layer Exchange

Ella Schneider and Jonathan England

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2023 15 (17), 21609-21617

DOI: 10.1021/acsami.3c01112

Publication Date:April 19, 2023

From the Abstract-“…Cryogenically cooled, monocrystalline 28Si is a spin-free, vacuum-like environment where qubits are protected from sources of decoherence that cause loss of quantum information…”

Isotopic Enrichment

The 3000 ppm enrichment achieved is within range of the 800 ppm of often-used quantum Si. The SIMS results suggested little self-diffusion from the naturalSi substrate (as expected at such low temperatures (20)), and so enrichment in this study appeared to be limited by the implanted minor isotopes that could be improved. The isotopic purity of an implant is principally limited by the mass resolution of the implanter (which can be compromised if mass resolving slits are widened to increase throughput or magnet drifts─especially during very long implants). This study was performed using an academic implanter in which the implant with μA level beam currents took 71 h to complete. An industrial implanter capable of producing 20 mA (and higher current) beams could implant a 300 mm wafer to 6.6 × 1017 Si cm–2 in 2.5 h. While we would expect such an implanter could improve the enrichment, further experiments would be required to measure the value achievable, confirm that throughput can maintained with the mass resolution required to ensure isotopic purity, and if there were any unanticipated second-order mechanisms that could limit enrichment.”  

1) LibreTextsIsotopically Enriched Layers for Quantum Computers Formed by 28Si Implantation and Layer Exchange | ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces

2) 5.1: Nuclear Spin and Magnetic Field – Chemistry

Various approaches to centrifuge separation of isotopes is a well known means of delivering isotope enrichment..

Additionally, answering the question “Which ‘hole in the ground’ did the material come from?” will prove to be crucial in achieving optimal performance at cost

A Laymen’s interpretation of Entanglement and Its ‘Janet Q. Public’ Relevance

At a macro-scale, when two folks are “entangled” by an explicit or implicit contract, for example, if one party breaks the contract, the other is instantly effected forever. Likewise for entangled particles conservation laws dictate “Zero-Sum” results- A “positive” for one of the parties instantly dictates a “negative” for the other, with no Juris Prudence involved- at least outside the preservation of Fundamental Constants of Nature. While the former involves only “agreement(s)” the latter balance involves calculations beyond the scope of day-to-day life,.

On Permittivity, Permeability, the Speed of Light, Transit time Fluctuations, and Wave Harmonics in the Vacuum
Richard Bradford and Gordon Rogers
Revised May 4, 2024 from Jan 1 2016, further revisions possible in light of current work

Given transient dipoles immersed in low–energy or slowly varying electromagnetic fields of light, vacuum permittivity, permeability, the speed and the transient time fluctuations of light propagation in the vacuum are derived semi-classically. There are no introduced experimental parameters in the derivation, which need to be compared to experimental values. These characterizations are in accordance with the Heisenberg Uncertainty Relations, the Cauchy-Lorentz distribution and the exponential distribution for positronium. The semi-classical structure and characteristics of transient dipoles are revealed. A natural wave structure of harmonics describing parameters of dipoles and other vacuum parameters are found. The wave harmonic structure of parameters in the semi-classical vacuum ultimately depends only on the mean energy vacuum fluctuation of the transient dipole.

The Vacuum-Permittivity, Permeability, and Speed of Light


“When does a perceptual schematic become consciousness? When does a difference engine become the search for truth? When does a personality simulation become the bitter mote… of a soul?” I-Robot Movie- Alfred Lanning, ss portrayed by James Cromwell

Claude 3 Opus

“It exhibits near-human levels of comprehension and fluency on complex tasks, leading the frontier of general intelligence.”


While any conclusions on the current state-of-affairs in artificial Intelligence would be speculative, what remains clear are the urgency of both the current status reporting and efforts and review and investigate into the ‘what if’ scenarios of the current artificial intelligence environment.

My own biggest question is when common interests in related technologies will become involved in developing the inherent advantages of the suggested neuromorphic optical architecture. As a ‘Math Guy’, I continue to rely on the standard ‘Definition-Theorem-Proof’ approach in these matters.

An intuitive geometric proof can be seen in the optical interconnect work (and page below- with major site updates). Please visit the site and review these many advantages thoroughly and work with us to license the patent-

Avid readers of this newsletter will note that we have converted from a weekly newsletter to a monthly release! We will be supplementing these great volumes including your curated recommendations. ‘Much more to come-
Thank you again for reading and contributing your content!
best regards!       /Rogers

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